Use of Student Name, Likeness or Work

Students in Rutherford County Schools often achieve amazing goals, produce fantastic work, and share their talents while at school. From time to time, pictures and videos may be taken of students by Rutherford County Schools for the purpose of showing off their work, awards, and achievements. Student art and creations may be displayed for the enjoyment of others. Examples could include, but are not limited to, Honor Roll being run in the paper, Student of the Month announcements, athletic achievement, and general district news.


You may opt out of having your child’s schoolwork to be displayed at the school or on school/district websites and online pages as well as your child's name and likeness to be released to the press, to be displayed at the school and/or placed on the school/district's website and online pages in relation to school activities, and in the school yearbook. If you would like to opt out, this form is in the Student Data Verification in the Skyward Family Access portal.